Hello! I’m Anaita.

That's Aneeta. Not Anata or Aniti or Atiana. My parents tried to get pretty creative with my name. They wanted it to be kind of Indian and kind of Australian and it ended up not belonging anywhere (thanks guys).

There was never a gift store that had my name on a hairbrush and Boost Juice never chose my name for their "what's-your-name" game. While Sarah and James got their free juices, I devised a business idea that would allow anyone to have their name on something they love! And so, OLIVIA&CO. was born.

My goal has always been to have an inclusive brand where, no matter what your name, we would monogram it onto our goods. To date, we have had thousands of customers with weirdly wonderful names and WE LOVE THEM ALL. We want to make you feel spesh, in a way that no gift store hairbrush ever could! 

What is the direction of OLIVIA&CO. ?

Glad you asked! We are moving towards: Customer-driven, functional, and sustainable accessories.

Every design feature on our new bags have been designed by and voted on by customers. From the material to the number of pockets, to the thickness of the zips, every element is customer-powered. Because you come first. 

We aim to be Australia's go-to personalised goods store. And in order to do that, we need to listen carefully to what you are all saying - that you need FUNCTIONAL and SUSTAINABLE products (that has your name stamped right on top).

Oliviaco anaita sarkar

Whilst leather has been the focus, we are now evolving to a more earth-friendly approach and we are looking to use more vegan leather and renewable materials. Each one of our new bags recycles up to 17 plastic bottles!

5 facts you didn’t know about OLIVIA&CO.

  • It’s named after my daughters, Olivia & Chloe

  • Our HQ started in a small room in our house (formerly known as the dining room). We now have an office with 6 staff

  • We are the fastest personalisation service in Australia

  • We are also the most affordable!

  • We only use real customers as models - no photoshop...ever!