Hello! I’m Anaita

That’s Aneeta, not Anata or Anaeeta or Atiana or Anaheeta. My parents tried to get really creative. They wanted something a little bit Indian and a little bit Australian and it resulted in something that didn’t really fit anywhere. When I was little. I used to walk into giftware stores hoping to see my name on a mug, but I always settled for hairbrushes or keyrings with the letter A. When Boost Juice ran “what’s your name game”, I used to sit in my car on the way to work and wait for my name. It was the same car trip, after Sarah and Ben got their free Boosts that I knew I could create something that was inclusive to everyone. 

Oliviaco anaita sarkar

I started OLIVIA&CO. in 2016 after my second daughter was born. My goal was to be able to personalise products with anyone’s name (including my own). I spoke to a manufacturer and got a batch of 100 leather cardholders made, and I bought a small (and kinda crappy) hand-held hot stamping machine. I took one photo and put it on Etsy. I made sure that no matter what the customer wanted on the cardholder, I tried to make it work. When they started selling fast, I knew I was on to something good (and fun)!

I chose leather goods because they last for a long time and our accessories can be used every day. But, from the beginning, I knew that OLIVIA&CO. was never a leather goods business. It is more of a belongingness brand. Having our whole name or initials monogrammed on something that we can see everyday, makes us feel kind of spesh, in a way the giftware shop hairbrush never could. 

Since then, we have grown to over 100 different products, thousands of wonderful customers, and we sell all over Australia and overseas. 

5 facts you didn’t know about OLIVIA&CO.

  • It’s named after my daughters, Olivia & Chloe

  • Our HQ started in a small room in our house. We have now renovated half of the house to make it an office/warehouse and converted the garages too!

  • We are the fastest personalisation service in Australia

  • We are also the most affordable!

  • One of our biggest goals this year is to use real customers as models and include customers in co-creating new products

5 facts you didn’t know about me:

  • I always start my day with a large cappuccino 

  • I teach Online Marketing at Macquarie University

  • I have personally monogrammed over 20,000 products (and I still love it)

  • I love being social, but am terrible at small talk

  • I always end my day with a glass of red wine or chocolate & peanut butter ice cream