The Must Have Accessories this Formal Season

The Must Have Accessories this Formal Season

The Must Have Accessories this Formal Season

Formal season is just around the corner and whether you’re graduating high school, going to a university ball or need a formal getup, its’s important to have the right accessories.

Hopefully you've found your perfect dress, whether it be midnight black or bright orange or even leopard print and are ready to snag some cute accessories to tie your outfit all together! Keep reading to see 2019’s must have five accessory pieces that will rock your night.


1. Dangly Earrings

Dangly earrings are making a comeback this year. Drawing attention to your neck and face, they swish and glide with every step you take. These earrings come in many different variations, from drop, to chain to pendant styles however if you have a relatively simple dress, then bold dangly earrings are the perfect addition in striking a statement and standing out.

The Must Have Accessories this Formal Season

A Watch

Watch out! Watches are the next big thing, adding the perfect amount of spotlight on your wrist and complete any outfit. Plus, you’ll always know the time without having to constantly check your phone. Ranging in all different shapes and sizes watches can either be digital or analog.

What's the difference?

  • Analog watches have a clock face with hour and minute hands that spin around a point to represent the time. These watches are classic and often regarded as more formal, making them suitable for business, formal events or a date.

  • Digital watches have a LCD display or LED face that shows time in numeric form. Although these watches are considered casual, the Casio Vintage has been seen on A-list celebs as well as everyday school students in recent months, suggesting a comeback?  

The Must Have Accessories this Formal Season

A Clutch

The right clutch won’t just complement an outfit, but it has the power to take your dress from a 10 to an 11.  Clutches also have a very practical aspect to them, holding your personal items for the day or night. So make sure to pack it with the essentials which include but are not limited to: your favourite lip balm, credit cards, cash, gum and maybe even a snack.

Clutches come in so many different fabrics, sizes, and styles to match each outfit and event however a timeless clutch is a personalised one. OLIVIA&CO’s Pouch in Pale Pink Saffiano Leather or the You-Croc-My-World Pouch in Black are both designed to balance any dress. There is an option for a wrist strap which can be super useful if you are a forgetful person and often find yourself misplacing your belongings. With a wrist strap your clutch is simply an extension of your arm!  

The Must Have Accessories this Formal Season

And if you prefer something a little larger with the option to crossover your body then our Staff Favourite is the Bright-Out-To-Night-Out Bag. Genuine saffiano leather, these bad boys are built to be stronger than ever and come with a a detachable strap for greater transition from a cross body bag to a box clutch.The Must Have Accessories this Formal Season

COMPETITION TIME: If you want your school formal accessories sponsored by OLIVIA&CO. head over to our Instagram @OLIVIACOSTORE and tag your formal friends for a chance to win! 

Comfortable Shoes

Picking out the right pair shoes that ticks both boxes of comfort and fashion can be one of the toughest decisions to make.  Many people think that formal fashion requires outrageous high heels or stilettos. However, these types of shoes, especially if you aren’t used to walking in them, can create blisters, cramping and rubbing which will easily ruin your night. So simple kitten heels, chunky wedges or a strappy sandal are just as sophisticated.  Remember there can be a lot of standing at formal events so wear the type of shoe you are most comfortable in.

The Must Have Accessories this Formal Season

A Scrunchie

The scrunchie—a ring of elastic encased in loose fabric that forms a ruffle when twisted around a ponytail—is a hallmark of the late ’80s and ’90s. As the bougie sister of the hair tie, the scrunchie is ideal for formal events. When you need to quickly tie your hair back and bust a move on the dance floor, the scrunchie will save you.

The Must Have Accessories this Formal Season

The Most Important Accessory: You

The most important accessory is you. If you are confident, You are beautiful. At the end of the day, Laughing, having fun and dancing with your friends will be what makes your night memorable. Your energy will shine through no matter what dress you are wearing, the height of your heels or the colour of your clutch. 


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