Mix and Match: 5 Types of Bags for Every Occasion

Mix and Match: 5 Types of Bags for Every Occasion

There are bags for every occasion on the market today, in many styles, colours and designs. Not only do bags make a fashion statement, but they also play an important role in everyday life. Different types of bags keep your personal items organised, and can carry laptops, clothing and so many other uses. The right bag marries practicality with style. 

Olivia & Co. stocks a fine and varied selection of bags for women and men, available in a range of premium and vegan leathers, adorned with sparkling gold hardware. Read on to discover more about the variety of bags available and their unique features, uses, and trends.

1. Handbags

The word ‘handbag’ is a general term often used to describe any type of bag that can be carried in the hand or over the shoulder. The classic handbag design features a single strap, sometimes an adjustable strap, and is large enough to hold a lady’s personal items as well as makeup and other accessories. Handbags are perfectly designed for daily use and nowadays women have many choices when it comes to sizes, designs, colours and practicality.

One of our most popular bags at Olivia & Co. is the Hero Bag. This classic all-purpose bag comes in three sizes and four fashion colours. It’s cute enough to take on a date but also versatile enough that you can take it to work. With loads of space inside for all your personal items, monogram the Hero Bag with up to ten letters, numbers or emojis for that extra special touch.

2. Clutch bags

Clutch bags possess an elegance and simplicity that makes their design timeless. They are ideal for evening events or going to a party. While generally smaller in size than other bags, they are roomy enough to carry the essentials. Some clutch bags have a strap while others are simply held in the hand.

A fine example of a quality clutch bag available in our store is the Push the Envelope Clutch Bag. If you’re after a stylish little bag that’s perfect for date night, then this is the clutch bag for you. It’s so versatile that you can even dress down and use it with casual attire during the daytime. Crafted in Saffiano leather in black, this bag can be hand-held, or you can use the carry strap or the sparkling gold chain. Add that personal touch with monogramming of your choosing.

3. Tote bags

Tote bags are the bag for all occasions with their signature being twin handles and usually unfastened at the opening. Many women opt for a tote bag to carry their gear (perhaps even a change of clothes) to work. These bags are also ideal for a day out in the park, at the beach, taking on a picnic and are even great for shopping.

One of our favourites at Olivia & Co. is the Everything Tote Bag. That’s because this spacious and versatile bag can fit everything you need for the day, no matter what your plans are. Fill it up with your laptop, clothes, snacks, drinks, makeup, or whatever you like. Looking simple yet stylish in black, add that special touch by having your initials monogrammed between the handles.

4. Crossbody bags

Crossbody bags are fantastic. The idea is to sling the strap over your head so it rests on one shoulder and crosses the body. This style of bag is super comfortable to carry around and also allows both your hands to be free. They’re great for travel and any hands-free activities you might indulge in throughout the day or evening.

A popular and stylish little crossbody bag in the Olivia & Co. collection is the Crossbody Saddle Bag. In the interior is a handy zippered compartment to store cash or other important items. Looking dazzling in black Saffiano leather with gleaming gold hardware, choose between using the carry handle or the detachable crossbody strap. Complete the look with personal monogramming.

5. Backpacks

While various forms of backpacks have been around since forever, these days they’ve become a fashion statement as well as being extremely practical. Now you can choose from fashion-forward designs for women, so you have a cool-looking backpack to travel with. Backpacks with some pizzazz are also ideal for professionals and students.

If you’re looking for a backpack that’s perfect for the gym or to use as carry on travel luggage, then check out the Mon Purse Bailey Backpack. You can even use it as a baby bag. In a sleek black design with gold hardware, you’ll be the envy of your friends when they see you hauling this beauty on your shoulders. With loads of internal and external pockets and compartments, you’ll find a safe place for everything you want to carry. And don’t forget to have your initials monogrammed in gold on the bag.

Choosing the right bag

Certain bags will be right for different occasions. Other considerations are your lifestyle, and even your body type. For example, petite women should choose a bag in a size that doesn’t look out of proportion with their small frame. Clutch bags are a great option. If you have some curves, try opting for a crossbody bag. Tall women are well-suited to tote bags, as the long lines of these bags match well with a tall figure.

If you’re someone who’s always on the go, especially during the daytime, you might want to consider purchasing one or two backpacks for your needs. They are comfortable to wear and have loads of room to haul everything you need for the day.

For an evening out on the town or a hot date, a classic handbag, clutch bag or even a crossbody bag will do the trick quite nicely; particularly a bag crafted from black leather with gold hardware.

Sometimes, you just need to experiment a bit and see what works with which outfit, or occasion. That’s why it’s always a good idea to have several different bags in your collection.

Personalisation services

What makes our bags truly unique compared to others on the market are our personalisation services. We can monogram your initials (or the initials of the recipient if it’s a gift) onto every bag in our range. Choose from gold or blind embossing to add a touch of class and personal style. Customisation and personalisation are what make our products truly stand out.


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