How To Socialise At Work Without Getting Caught

How To Socialise At Work Without Getting Caught

We all know work can drag on, especially on a Monday. All you want to do is catch up on gossip with your friends, and find out who had a tad too much grape juice on Saturday night. But of course, your boss is lurking over you making sure her employees are being productive. So here are some ways you can get the best of both worlds and make the office a bit more fun. 


Now this may sound quite sketchy… and yeah it kind of is. But as long as you keep it to a maximum of 7 minutes, no one will notice. Shhhh. It’s as simple as meeting at the mirrors and touching up on your lippie, while your friend goes on about the dramas of her week. You gasp, you laugh, and then you head back to your desk satisfied with new information that’ll keep you on your toes all day. It’s almost as satisfying as watching your favourite tv show, and then at the peak of it they say “to be continued”. Who doesn’t love a little suspense. 



So this is a less dodgy way of catching up with the work squad. Make sure you all time out when you want to go on break so it’ll be easier to meet up. You can even plan out to meet at your favourite coffee shop down the road. To take it a step further, you could call in to pre order your coffees so they are piping hot when you arrive, just like the tea your friend is about to spill. Coffee chat is our kinda chat. 



Oops… it looks like you just ran out of pen ink! I guess like you need to head over to your bestie’s desk and borrow hers hehe, how convenient. As you wait for her to search for a pen, you have a quick convo to catch up on life. You head back to your desk and continue working, but oh wait, you made a mistake! Looks like you need to turn around and grab some white out from her. You can then finish up the conversation and quietly head back to your desk in total content. Now this can even apply to a retail job. Let’s say you run out of register paper rolls, just head on over to your friend’s counter and mimic the process. Subtle, yet effective. 

You can thank me later ;) 

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