How to Pick the Best 2020 Diary

How to Pick the Best 2020 Diary

With 2020 fast approaching, it’s about time to start thinking about buying a planner for the new year. Everyone has a different schedule, so here are some tips on selecting the best diary to plan your schedule.

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Daily or Weekly? Take your pick.

Depending on how many tasks you have to write down, you’ll need different templates inside your planner. With a daily planner, each day brings a fresh, new page to write on. The OLIVIA&CO. daily planner also includes timestamps in the margins to space out your comings and goings. Otherwise, you could opt for a weekly diary that is perfect for putting in some major tasks, personal goals and notes. These weekly spread planners are thinner and lighter for all you hustlers.

Aussie Holidays

Holidays are excellent motivators for hard work, and a Public Holiday or School Holiday timetable inside your diary is perfect for end of school/work countdowns. An added bonus in our OLIVIA&CO. planners are cultural and religious celebration dates for Chinese New Year, Easter, Ramadan and much more. You don’t want to show up at work on Christmas Day because you forgot the date, do you?Oliviaco planner diary 2020

Personal Information Section

Many of you will write down each and every meeting, class and appointment in your planner and it would be catastrophic to lose it. Having a personal information page for your name, address, phone number and emergency contacts just might be a saviour if your diary turns up somewhere it's not supposed to be.


Extra additions to a planner are always a boredom-buster on the train or when you’ve completed all the tasks in your diary. The weekly Olivia&CO. planner includes a page of health and nutrition facts, including a BMI calculation formula, definitions of nutrients and more! Did you know, 100g of Ice Cream has 187 calories?

2020 diary planner Oliviaco

You do You!

The most important ingredient to a perfect planner is you! If your heart sings when you look at its clean pages waiting to be written on, it’s the right one for you! Whether it is daily or weekly, pink or black, it’s the best one if you love it. The bonus? It's monogrammed with your name or initials on it! 

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