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Corporate Gift Ideas: Making Your Brand Stand Out with Olivia & Co

Corporate gifts nurture and strengthen business relationships while also enhancing your brand image. These gifts serve as an expression of gratitude and appreciation for clients, business partners and employees. Olivia & Co. boasts a fantastic range of corporate gifting solutions that you can personalise with your branding, making your company stand out in a competitive marketplace. Read on to discover more about corporate gifts and how we provide a personalised approach.

Challenges in corporate gifting

It can be challenging trying to find just the right gift, one that aligns with your company’s values and message. Not only that, but the choice of gift also has to resonate with the recipient. The humble pen has long been a popular choice, as it’s cost-effective and something people will keep and use, but a pen is not very unique or meaningful.

The search for distinctive gifts that will leave a lasting impression while remaining true to your brand’s identity can be daunting. Therefore, you need to strike a balance between creativity, practicality and brand identity.

Product quality is also very important, as gifts of inferior quality are not likely to impress anyone and could cast a negative cloud over your brand, which is the opposite of what you want to achieve with corporate gifts. You’ll need to know that the gifts you choose will arrive on time and that there won’t be any delays.

Another thing to consider when choosing corporate gifts is the cost. No doubt you’ll have an allocated budget for gifts and you will need to find the right gifts in the required quantity within your budget.

Personalisation as a solution

Personalisation of corporate gifts will elevate a simple gift to something far more memorable, special and valued. When you personalise a gift, not only is it more unique, but it also creates an emotional connection with the gift and your brand. Personalisation demonstrates attentiveness and thoughtfulness and will leave a lasting impression.

Having your brand and company details printed on corporate gifts has long been a popular choice. Printing works fine for many gifts but for others, such as products made from leather, monogramming is the way to go. Another benefit of monogramming is it adds a touch of class and style to each gift, making it exceptional.

Overall, personalisation overcomes the challenge of finding just the right gift that’s meaningful and in line with your company’s message.

Olivia & Co’s unique offering

At Olivia & Co, we offer a very unique range of quality corporate gift ideas. As you browse our products, we’re sure you’ll find just the right gift for your clients, business partners or employees.

Best of all, most of our products can be monogrammed for that personal touch. Add your business branding to every gift you give, or make the gift even more personalised by adding the recipient’s initials. Personalisation and customisation are what make our products stand out from the crowd.

We even offer a live monogramming service for private or public events, such as corporate parties, pop up stores, new store launches, trade shows and more. Olivia & Co will attend your event, providing that personal touch on-site. Now that’s sure to impress.

One example of a perfect corporate gift is the Laptop Case in pebbled leather and gold hardware. This prestigious case fits a 13 inch laptop, keeping it safe from harm while having a touch of class.

Another practical and useful gift idea is the Lowkey Round Keyring. Impress your clients with something they can use every day and monogram it with your brand in gold to be truly memorable.

These are just two examples of our quality corporate product range. Browse our store or contact us today for further information on corporate gift ideas with that personal touch.

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