Elevate your style: Why Do You Need a Personalised Travel Wallet in Your Life?

Elevate your style: Why Do You Need a Personalised Travel Wallet in Your Life?

When it comes to travelling in style, scrambling around in your giant tote bag or letting your boarding pass float freely in the wind of your back pocket is not a good look. Neither is it particularly practical and safe. If you don’t have one yet then we’re here to tell you that a personalised travel wallet is that well-designed item that was missing in your life. Oh, you didn’t realise? That’s ok, let us unpack some of these reasons why. A personalised travel wallet is truly a marriage of functionality and style. Made from premium saffiano, pebbled or vegan leather they don’t just look beautiful but they also serve a purpose. In a nutshell it says… you’re nailing this! So, whether you’re a solo jetsetter, travelling regularly for business or taking the family on holiday you’ll definitely upgrade your travel experience with a beautiful leather travel wallet.

5 good reasons why you need a travel wallet

1. Quick access to documents

When you need to get through the million gates and customs desks at the airport you need quick and easy access to your passport and boarding pass. There really is nothing more frustrating than hunting down that boarding pass; and holding the documents seems like a risky move – especially when you’ve got kids and bags to wrangle.

2. Cash on hand

Of course, nowadays we rarely need to carry cash around, and certainly post Covid we are virtually in a cash-free world. When you’re overseas, however, it’s different. Market vendors, street food hawkers, and even many restaurants will still only accept cash. You need to tip someone? Cash. Pay for a taxi? Cash. Travel Wallets feature multiple internal pockets to keep cash accessible and organised, especially if you have multiple currencies to juggle.

3. Keep hotel keys, credit cards and other important documents safe

Travel wallets feature a wealth of internal pockets, cardholders, zips and nifty features so you can easily access all your travel documents and put them in a safe place. Many have straps so can be worn under clothes for extra security and most travel wallets are thinner than your average wallet so they can be worn under clothing or take up minimal space in a bag.

4. Stylish and personalised

Personalised leather travel wallet is a great way to elevate your travel game. Not only is monogramming a stylish way to make your travel wallet your own, it says you have got your travel game sorted. All our travel products can be monogrammed with your name or initials in a range of different coloured foils. Match your initials with the gold or chrome hardware for maximum style points.

5. Durable and sturdy

A well-made travel wallet can last for years. The guaranteed quality of Olivia & Co. travel wallets ensure they’re extremely durable. Our premium leather or vegan leather means your passport and documents won’t get damaged. You’ll have this loyal travel companion for years to come, we promise.

How can Olivia & Co. help?

Here at Olivia & Co. we offer a range of travel wallets for different purposes.
  1. If you’re travelling solo then you’ll likely want something a little smaller. Check out the Mon Purse travel wallet in pebbled leather, or the super spacious yet slimline long passport holder available in black or taupe. It can fit boarding passes, cards, cash and of course your passport.
  2. If you’re looking for a safe and stylish wallet the long wallet in saffiano leather has a wraparound zip, cardholders and internal zips to keep coins and other smaller bits and pieces safe.
  3. The Family Travel wallet is the latest addition to the travel goods crew. Featuring a leather look exterior, a top handle and a long handle this wallet can hold all your boarding passes, credit cards, up to 6 passports and your mobile phone.
All Olivia & Co. travel goods can be personalised with our complimentary monogramming service. Are you ready to upgrade your travel game? Contact us today.
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