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Anaita has created thousands of branded products for corporate and private clients and has done live monogramming at hundreds of shows around Australia. The goal of these events is to attract your potential clients/staff/guests to the stand so they can watch their items getting personalised, and leave with a memorable gift and higher brand retention.

What We Offer.

  1. Branded Products

    • We can supply diaries, journals, luggage tags, phone cases, wallets, bags or any other item you need. We will help you match the right product to your company or event.
    • We also create your logo stamp to monogram on the products.
  1. Live Monogramming (Our Speciality)

    • On-site monogramming can increase your exposure, brand retention and leads. According to clients such as White Pages, InterSystems, Gartner, and IBM, offering monogramming at their trade stands increased leads by up to 400%. The reason is because potential clients come to the stand to get a free personalised item, and while this is being monogrammed, the sales team can have a qualified conversation with the prospect. They leave the stand with more knowledge about the brand but also with a branded gift with their initials or name on it. Anaita regularly travels interstate to monogram at various shows around Australia.
  2. We can do live monogramming for pop up stores, trade show activations, other branded activations, new store launches, Christmas parties, staff parties and weddings.  
  3. Take your business visibility to another level with a completely personalised service that is unsurpassed in your brand recall.
  1. Staff/Client Gifts

    • Bulk discounts start at 20 items. Items can be chosen from our current range or we can create a product for you based on what you need. Turnaround time is usually between 25-40 days for a custom product. If you need products from our range, we can monogram them and send them to you within 3 business days.

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  1. What type of products?

We offer all products however our most popular products are Luggage Tags, Notebooks, Tech Cases, Laptop Sleeves, Keyrings, Compendiums and Phone Cases  

  1. Can you use our company colours and logo?

Yes. We can custom make any colour on any product. If you would like to use standard colours like black, blue, grey and tan we can do this quickly.  

  1. Do you travel interstate?

Yes. I have travelled all over Australia to monogram at various corporate and wedding events.

  1. How much are these packages?

All of our packages are customised based on the client and event. For further information, please email us at or call Sally - 0448 448 342

  1. How many products can you monogram in an hour?

Between 60-100 depending on the product.

  1. How long does it take to monogram each product?

All OLIVIA&CO. staff are highly qualified in monogramming and can monogram individual products in less than a minute.

  1. How many staff do you employ for these trade show activations?

Usually it just the owner of OLIVIA&CO., Anaita, however if it is a large scale event we bring along 1-2 OLIVIA&CO. experienced monogrammers.

  1. How much space do you need?

We need about 70cm of working space, so any standard table is fine.

  1. What does the setup look like?

Watch our video below and see our personalised embossing in action at 2019 events.