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Mummy & Me Outfits

by Social at Olivia&Co. on January 08, 2020

How gorgeous are matching Mummy and Me sets? Kim Kardashian’s matching Hermes Birkin bags with her daughter North may be a little too expensive and extravagant for most of us, so we at Olivia&Co. have created a budget-friendly, monogrammed Mummy and Me Matching Bag Set for you and your daughter! Plus, why stop at bags when you can match entire outfits!

Here are five incredibly cute ways you can match with your daughter

Mummy & Me Bags

Bags are a great, functional accessory you can use to transform your little girl into a mini-me. With the Olivia&Co. Mummy and Me set, you could wear the bags together for a matching moment, wear your Hero bag to work or even pinching the mini bag for yourself on a night out! They can be personalised with your name or initials for a special touch. A bonus is that you can lighten your load by making your kid carry their stuff in their own bag!

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Matching shoes

There’s no such thing as too many shoes, so why not start off your daughter’s shoe collection at an early age? By simply matching the colour of your shoes, you can create an amazing Mummy and Me look that turns heads wherever you go.

Matching nail colours

Matching nail polish is a sweet but subtle way to match with your daughter. It’s also super cheap so you can change your nail colours with whatever outfits you’re wearing or change colour tones as the seasons change. For 2020, metallic and pastel nail polish will keep you on-trend without breaking the bank.

Matching hair accessories

Create Blair Waldorf vibes for you and your daughter with a chic headband or fancy hat. This is quite possibly the most adorable way to make a Mummy and Me outfit, especially for an event where you get to dress up a little. Dolce and Gabbana headbands are all the rage at the moment, and you can find some lovely dupes online for you and your daughter!

Mums dedicate so much time, effort and love to raising their kids, so why not make the most of their cuteness and dress them up as your own mini-me!